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I was once given the name ‘Golden Chalice of the Rising Phoenix’ yet I feel I have much more holy work before I am worthy of such a sacred name.  In honour of my own pre-verbal inner child with her exquisite and raw sensitivity, my promise is that I will speak the unspeakable and be a voice for the voiceless. She has no words, only implicit body memories, this evidence that speaks volumes as the ‘body holds the score’ (Bessell) …..even if it would not hold up in a patriarchal court of law.  No matter. I speak for her now,  as I will speak for others who need an enlightened witness to move beyond self hatred, self loathing and self doubt.  

I vow to be a witness for souls who need help to see the madness that they have accepted as the norm, this trauma they have literally been marinated in, to help them return ‘home’ to their alienated bodies, to believe and validate what they have endured and survived.  I vow to help these brave and resilient souls understand the nature of complex and invisible/hidden trauma, how they have been affected, in order that they can enlarge their ‘window of tolerance’ and find some sense of safety in their own bodies. 

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder needs to be renamed as Post traumatic Stress Injury as this is what it really is. I want to help shame bound souls know that they are redeemable, that learning to trust themselves, coming back to their own innocent hearts, is an essential path to trusting life again. I know this treacherous path and the transformation that is possible when we invest in ourselves and come back to self love and self honouring.

I will hold a lantern and help others where necessary, to question everything,  including all the endless judgements and projections that belong to others and instead, reclaim their own inner truths, their golden shadow and divine sovereignty.

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