My statue and essential oil

“Whom should I turn to, if not the One whose darkness is darker than night, the only one who keeps vigil with no candle, and is not afraid – the Deep One, whose being I trust…..”  Rilke

I am the Temple Keeper of the holy oil of Vetivert.  My medicine and balm is subtle and pungent,  strong and delicate, sweet and musty, quietly shocking at times  but I do this to bring you ‘home’ to your senses, back to your sacred, body temple.  I am unfathomable.   In my depth, intensity and safety, one drop of my perfume goes the distance……..heightens the senses, penetrates and enlivens, awakens intimate juices and patiently lights the fire of a molten lava that is unstoppable. 

I am earthy and I am the one who needs to be heard and acknowledged, the embodied, immanent One.  I am Her-Story, Her fragrance.  She will be silenced and mute no more.  As I go down and root with her fecund and unlimited umbilical power,  I rise to speak the unspeakable and be a voice for the voiceless, to go into this en-dark-en-ment territory and to stand victoriously with fierce grace, for what is a deeper truth, the one with a capital T.  

My mission as a detective, as a shadow midwife, is to go deep into the forbidden, dark territories of the underworld and to root out secrets and lies that have been perpetrated against the innocent ones.   I leave no stone unturned, trusting to my gut knowing,  releasing fear and stepping instead into my expansive, all powerful beauty as a light-bearer for this Truth.   I am here to expose what few will dare to say, to stand as a whistleblower and be strong enough, secure enough in my womb and gnosis to speak,  in order to be an emissary for the light of Sophia Christ, for that which serves the greater awakening.  

My mission is rooted in the ancient womb mysteries,   cutting through the bullshit with my Sword of Truth,  devouring all darkness and exposing the deceptive,  master-plan and infiltration of the ‘Silent Saints’,   masquerading as the holy ones.    Vetivert is this strength and rootedness, the tough love of the Great Mother,  as She holds the keys and the ancient knowledge.  It is Her fertile and vibrant body,  that holds the discernment and intuitive wisdom of who is a Silent Saint or who is in fact in masterful disguise. 

My work is not for the faint-hearted for I am willing to go down and through,  in order to forge a path through the dark and shadows,  to the light returning with the heroine’s treasure.  Through my magic and alchemy, I teach you how to transform crippling shame into reverence and devotion. This is my mastery.  I am here to restore the erotic innocence template that is our stolen birthright,  to carve a pathway to pleasure instead of sin and retribution and to honour the sovereign path of Sacred Marriage, this union of the healthy feminine and healthy masculine.   Many do not have the eyes to see or the ears to hear but those who are the Temple Keepers of Vetivert, know the depths of our Being-ness that can be mined and distilled and the bountiful treasure and re-union that lies deeply buried in the ruin itself.   

Vetivert is a woman of substance.  Make no mistake. She is an advocate and champion for justice and inspired action, on behalf of the True Silent Saints, not the fake and false flags, but the ones who have been forged in the darkness,  who have forgotten their mission and that they have earth angel wings.   She stands for the ones who have been waiting a long time to be welcomed home to the Mother’s unbounded and merciful love, to Her eternal embrace and to Her karuna compassion as She speaks: 

‘I am holding you now. Rest here, in the safety of my womb. There is nothing you need to do and nowhere you need to go.   Feel the depth of my holy presence.  Embody this safety, come home to yourself just as you are.  Honour everything. And receive these words in the chalice of your precious heart…………there is nothing you can do to stop me loving you, simply nothing.  Rest beloved, trust in the pure fragrance of your own being………in you I am well pleased’.