I decided to grow perfumed roses as part of my vision to have a healing centre and a year later, I was inspired learning about helichrysum during an intense year long, scent priestess training, where we studied and worked with high quality oils and this mystic, Christed oil in particular.

We handpick the roses in early morning, from end May and then in June, the lavender, oregano and helichrysum become ready as well, according to the weather conditions. We distill our plants from fresh petals and leaves, but occasionally we also distill from dried plants which is excellent too.

This year, however, as well as distilling many litres of rose hydrosol, from our five different perfumed roses, (centifolia, damascena, kazanlik, rose rescht, rugosa hansa and queen bourbon), we have also distilled helichrysum, oregano, lavender and rosemary. We have created a delicious blend, a special trio combining 50% perfumed roses, 25% helichrysum and 25% lavender, which we call our ‘Sinfonia di fiori’ hydrosol.

Sadly, we were prevented from creating products in our first harvest year due to Covid restrictions, because we were unable to return to Italy until after June 2021 when the flowers were mostly finished, but this year was extremely productive to make up for it!

We are now offering dark green and transparent bottles depending on your preference. Two sizes of 100ml and 250ml. The prices are the same for either colour, but if you take the transparent bottle, be aware that there are three things that affect the quality of essential oils and therefore hydrosols too, which are light, warmth and air/oxygen (see storage instructions below).

We are not offering to post the hydrosols via a website to the public, as this is too difficult and expensive right now, but if you are interested please contact us direct, as we may be able to post or courier them to you as a one off. Also transferring them to plastic bottles can help with the weight and you can then decant into your own bottles at the other end.

Our products are available in various locations such as Lago Bin hotel near Rocchetta, Camping delle Rose in Isolabona and we sell at two markets, Apricale which is all day on the third Sunday of the month and Dolceacqua, the final Sunday of the month.

Please write to us on the contact form if you are interested.

PRICES are below. Also INSTRUCTIONS FOR USAGE and What is a Hydrosol?

100ml & 250ml bottles – clear & dark, rose and helichrysum


100ml and 250ml rose hydrosol bottles with jute silver green bags at an additional euro each

Clear or dark bottles available

ROSE HYDROSOL pure distillation 100ml : 10 euros

ROSE HYDROSOL pure distillation 250ml : 20 euros

TWIN PACK in JUTE BAG (choice of Rose/Helichrysum/Sinfonia di Fiori) pure distillation 2x100ml : 20 euros (including bag)

Clear helichrysum bottles – also available in dark green

HELICHRYSUM HYDROSOL “immortelle” pure distillation 100ml – 10 euros

HELICHRYSUM HYDROSOL “immortelle” pure distillation 250ml – 20 euros

Distillation of three plants : (perfume roses 50%, helichrysum 25%, english lavender 25%)

SINFONIA DI FIORI blend, pure distillation 100ml – 10 euros

SINFONIA DI FIORI blend, pure distillation 250ml – 20 euros

Olive Oil from our own trees plus rose vodka and rose hydrosol

OLIVE OIL 500cl – 8 euros

OLIVE OIL 750cl – 12 euros

ROSE VODKA (infused petals in vodka) 100ml – 9 euros

DRIED ROSE PETALS FOR TISANE from 3-8 euros depending on sizes

PRESENTATION BOX WITH TWO 250 ml BOTTLES – price, olive oil and any distillation : discounted 24 euros

My son’s wedding in the UK with dried petals
Fresh flowers with the strong pink of Rugosa Hansa
and Rose de Rescht


Fresh (or dried) petals for a wedding day in May, June or July

Freshly picked petals are a possibility for anyone who is local and perhaps getting married either at Lago Bin or nearby. Mostly it will be the pale pink flowers of the highly scented varieties of damascena and centifolgia which are profuse during end May, June into mid July.

Prices to be arranged. Availability specifically in May, June and July but also small amounts through to October of slightly darker pink petals from rosa hansa and rose de rescht as well.


This year 2021, I managed to send eighty small pouches of dried flowers including a hand-written gift word like ‘love’, ‘beauty’, ‘harmony’, ‘courage’, ‘truth’ for all the guests at my son’s wedding in the UK, as well as packages of dried petals for confetti. These are for sale as below.

DRIED FLOWER SYMPHONY POUCHES (perfumed roses, english lavender and helichrysum) – 4 euros

CONFETTI FOR WEDDINGS OR SIMPLE GIFTS and also to make Tisane – 4 euros

DRIED FLOWERS IN SACHETS OR POUCHES (perfumed roses, english lavender and helichrysum) – 4 euros (as above)

What is a Hydrosol or floral water?

Our hydrosols are 100% natural, made from filtered or distilled water with nothing else but the plant material. No extra water, no chemicals, alcohol, colours or preservatives. Distilled water is ultra pure water. It is 100% free from contaminants and contains no trace minerals. This is as pure as it comes. Your skin will glow from the inside out because the hydrosols are bursting with vitality. YOU WILL FEEL THE DIFFERENCE.

Our traditional method of distillation means we use thirty litres of pure water, with three kilos of rose petals from five different varieties of perfumed roses, picked by hand, early that same morning. One bottle of 100ml therefore equates to 100grams of pure fresh perfumed petals straight from the bush!

Nothing else, just the soul of the plant alchemised into a delightful aromatic floral water.

Firstly, hydrosols are NOT simply distilled water with essential oils added to them, because in this case the two would not mix. Sometimes floral waters are sold and improperly classified as hydrosols, so it is wise to ask vendors for details about what is being sold.

Using solely plant material, ie rose petals or with the helichrysum, it is both flowers and a small amount of leaves, some of the water-soluble plant oils combine with the water and impart therapeutic properties. Unlike plant water that is plant material soaked in water, the process of distillation releases volatile oil compounds, precious extracts from the flowers, making them readily available to your skin.

When essential oils are extracted by steam distillation, some of the aromatic and healing principles held within the plant are not captured during the process. These important components do not escape into another dimension, thankfully they are absorbed by the steam or water that is used to extract the oil. So these water-soluble (hydrophillic) parts of the plant, go into the hydrosol and supercharge them with more active principles than the essential oil.

This creates a hydrosol with a wide range of therapeutic and cosmetic benefits and they are a much gentler, more diluted product, which is safer to use than an essential oil.  When the steam from the distilled filter water passes through the plant material, it takes with it the volatile oils from the plant.  The two travel through the tube at the top of the steam vessel and down through the condensing tube. Once the water and oil have separated, the essential oil is siphoned off the top and what you have left is the hydrosol.

Hydrosols are like essential oils but in far less of a concentration, such that there are many safe and gentle ways we can use them, that we cannot do with essential oils. With lavender, in one distillation it is easy to siphon off 60 ml of essential oil but with perfumed roses and helichrysum the situation is very different, as it takes hundreds of bushes and plants to create just a small amount.  In all situations, being natural and home made, the quality of the distillation is high and contains much more essential oils, than most products you might buy on the open market. 

Hydrosols then, are particularly safe for use with sensitive individuals while still retaining some of the therapeutic action of the botanical.

How to Use Hydrosols

There are many ways to use hydrosols and they have the benefit of being essentially safe for anyone to use, undiluted on the skin for adults, babies/children, pregnant and nursing women, the elderly and even most pets.  However, always do a patch test, especially if you have sensitive skin and test a small area for reactions, before using all over your body.

Hydrosols are amazingly gentle, safe and easy to use products, they are more diluted than essential oils and simply put, they are made up of the light and refreshing aromatic water that is distilled with essential oils. 

We personally use them regularly as an air freshener, to change the atmosphere and vibration in the room, spraying linen and clothing, using them for prayer and meditation, or when out in the car or in public places, as baby products ie nappy rash, to refresh and vitalise our skin and hair, in the bath, diffusing them in our vaporiser and also daily drinking a few drops of rose in filtered water, or as a spritzer which is delicious and very up-lifting.

Some days, we take a teaspoon of helicrysum which is excellent for digestion and gut health, oregano to strengthen our immune systems and rosemary for our hair care. We do use rose to clean surfaces as the smell is so uplifting, but generally we use oregano or rosemary hydrosols for this because of their higher anti-bacterial properties.

For facial use, simply spray or pour onto a cotton pad and wipe onto your face. You can spray directly if you prefer and then cleanse.   Use the hydrosol as a gentle cleanser or as a facial toner before moisturising and whenever you desire refreshing, as this will cleanse, tone, hydrate, soothe and help restore pH balance. You can also use the floral water in lotions such as with beeswax and shea butter, as the water element when making your own products. In this case you can use a natural olive emulsifier and the result is delicious.

Your skin will feel revitalised and soothed with any dryness, itching, redness associated with sun or wind burn, insect bites, rashes, burns, acne, eczema, bruises and wounds.

Rose, helichrysum and Sinfonia di Fiori hydrosols

Rose and helichrysum make particularly wonderful facial toners and help balance the skin by reducing facial redness or dryness. Toners are meant to balance the skin and can help restore pH after cleansing. Your skin needs a balance of oil and water to function in a healthy way. The hydration helps the enzymes that shed skin cells to function correctly, so the skin stays in a better condition.

Everyone knows about the delight of pure rose floral water for cleansing, refreshing and toning the skin and it seems most of us are transported with the magic and high vibration of the rose and what it symbolises. We are excited about our unique blend using five different varieties of perfumed roses, rather than solely centifoglia or damascena.

For those people who enjoy the aroma of helichrysum, this is also an incredible plant for skin and wound/emotional healing hence it’s name ‘Golden Wound Healer’.  It is also known as the oil of ‘Acceptance’ and has been called Christ Chrism, used to alleviate pain and long standing grief helping to activate inner strength and awareness. Helichrysum Italicum is widely known by the label ‘Immortelle’, which means Everlasting Flower as when the plant dries, the flower retains it’s shape and colour. The name comes from two Greek works : hello meaning sun and chrysos meaning gold.

I find the aroma of helichrysum so comforting and soothing but it is an acquired perfume, that you either like or dislike. Some use it as an insect repellant for cats and dogs but personally I love it. When it works for you as it does for me, it is like honey for the psyche to say nothing of how velvet your skin feels after spraying it. It’s name expresses it’s mystic qualities as a ‘christed’ (chrysum) plant that no-one really fully understands since it works at a multi-dimensional level that cannot be calibrated but is much recorded.

One particularly beautiful combination of perfumed roses, english lavender and golden helichrysum in our Sinfonia di Fiori trio spray. The smell is so lovely and uplifting and my skin feels so hydrated so I use it all day long. I take a small spray in my handbag and use it to change my mood and wellbeing when out shopping and when confronted with the daily issues on the planet right now.

Rose and Sinfonia face creams (new addition, on request)

Price : 9 euros

(ingredients : rose or sinfonia distill, unrefined shea butter, local beeswax, natural emulsifying wax, Optiphen natural preservative, DMSO)


Hydrosols have essential oils and as such, do need to be stored properly in a cool, dry, dark environment away from sunlight, (like a refrigerator which is best) and obviously using the darker green bottle is preferable, if the bottles are subject to daylight.

Hydrosols do not have the same concentrated anti-bacterial properties that essential oils possess and therefore are subject to much more rapid degradation, especially when improperly stored. Since hydrosols contain no preservatives, they are more fragile and have a relatively short shelf life of one year though often they last longer depending on how they are stored. As they are relatively inexpensive, it’s fun and more economical to use them up and buy new ones rather than saving them for special use.

We take particular care with our bottle sterilisation process and clean with 96% grade alcohol to ensure a sterile environment and to support their shelf life.

Always ensure that you keep all bottle caps screwed tightly on each of your bottles and remember that oxygen is an enemy of hydrosols. Oxidisation can harm the fragile aromatic and therapeutic constituents of the hydrosols so you might choose to transfer your hydrosols into smaller bottles as the liquid goes down, to minimise any air in the them and therefore extend the shelf life. Take care to check for any cloudiness or mould just in case.

If you have questions: Please write to us using the contact Form

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