Tenderness is exquisite

Potent and gentle

Soft and unyielding

She doesn’t judge

Battered and bruised

She doesn’t fix

But quietly enables

Surrendering your guard

Smiling with innocence

Of shared humanity

This deep resonance

Speaking in tongues

From the ONE

Un-broken heart

She softly enters

Plays no roles

Or power games

Requests no glory

And demands nothing

Sitting in pure

Unbounded still presence

Without separating judgement

Or painful projections

Creating deep connection

And total safety

Melting all barriers

Embalming your wounds

She holds YOU

Completely and utterly

In Mother’s embrace

Don’t underestimate ‘HER’

Speaking with compassion

This unassuming angel

Humbly comes unexpected

With no whistles

No fancy qualifications

Just life experience

Surrendered on knees

From brutal grace

Like grapes trampled

Making refined wine

And cocoon goo

Emerging and transformed

Into butterfly wings

Perhaps tenderness is

A radiant spark

Of the ONE

Precious and nourishing

Opening the heart

Kindling dampened flames

Beaming renewed hope

Igniting new potential

This alchemic breath

Expansive and restorative

Returning you back

To YOUR heart

This inner reunion

Subtly and surprisingly

Bringing YOU – ‘Home’