• THE WAY OF THE ROSE” : We are both committed to walking the ‘Beauty way’, the ‘Way of the Rose’ which has become our fragrant mission!
  • ONE-to-ONE THERAPY & BREATH-WORK individually or as a couple – Sofia and Ardhan are skilled & experienced psycho-spiritual therapists having trained together with Voice Dialogue and Breath-work and realising together they make excellent healing companions.
  • VOLUNTEERING: At certain times of year, i.e. May, June and July for the rose harvest, WE NEED HELP. Apply through our contact form or via The Workaway Website. You can read feedback from some of our previous volunteers.
  • OPEN DAYS AND EVENTS for small groups from 2022 : Experience the harvesting and production of our beautiful rose products with a visit to our mountainside haven.
  • BOOK OUR VENUE for your own event.

Sofia Livingstone

Individual sessions – support for your journey of healing

It is foolish to think that we will enter heaven without entering into ourselves” Theresa d’Avila


“Sofia is an incredible space holder and a real deal healer with such an extensive knowledge of trauma and sensitivity around it. Our voice dialogue session was extremely powerful and transformational and healing. It brought so much light into unconscious patterns and self-defence mechanisms and with that generated immense healing. If you ever get a chance to do any type of work Sofia offers- I would grab that chance with both your hands. Healers of that calibre are very hard to find. Thank you so much Sofia for your dedication to this work and the continuous support you offer me and so many other women across the globe” Ksenia ❤️

“Sofia’s guided voice dialogue session felt extremely safe for me to express one of my hidden inner voices. The clarity of how the session would be held and what can come up was explained simply and carefully. The gentle enquiry allowed me to release what felt stuck in my body. The most crucial aspect of the session for me was the quality of integration courtesy of Sofia’s expansive yet assertive space holding. Her knowledge from various modalities shines through. Thank you dearest Sofia for your sensitive, empowered and wise medicine.  Love always,”
Aminah Sheikh

“Sofia’s ability to listen, hold space, uncover what hides in shadow, and to ground into one’s sacred power, is her true medicine….. Sofia is a gentle, fiercely focused guide for anyone seeking to re-member their own ‘satya vita.’ Her Pozzuolo healing centre is truly a piece of heaven on earth.” 

“Sofia that was extraordinary. you are such a powerhouse mystic and divine healer. Deeply blessed to know you and breathe under your loving guidance” Christina❤️

Hi Sofia, thank you so much for the session this morning. I can feel the transformation working already, and I deeply appreciate all the work you have put into your own transformation, as the depth of your healing sessions shines through. So all though it may not feel complete to you, the way in which you hold a space is beautiful and honouring of the pusher, refreshing. Alison

Beautiful, soothing, healing and gentle. My session with Sofia gave me clarity and insight into areas that I have been struggling with. 
Resistance melted to free up blockages and help me gain the confidence to finally give myself the permission to embrace my true path. A real elixir for the soul, of both softness and strength, that has given me the energy and enthusiasm to move forward on this incredible journey called life. Thank you Sofia”.
Hayley, Italy February 2021

“Sofia’s strength and wisdom created a beautiful, intimate and safe space for me to be vulnerable and connect with a part of myself that had been screaming for attention….  Her intuitive sensitivity also recognised the depth to which it was safe for me to go without re-traumatising or going unconscious.
Sofia is a master of this life-changing work!”   With love and gratitude from Jane

“Best session ever was with Sofia doing voice dialogue. It was the moooost powerful session I have ever done with a healer/teacher. Thank you soooo much my love” Sarah xx

“Also wanted to thank you and Ardhan for your wonderful facilitation yesterday. For the first time, I realized that breath was facilitating all of us into an organic community while restoring my organic self.  I’ve worked with many groups, from …….. to ……,(names withdrawn) yet they feel very superficial and manufactured. I am so grateful for each of you at Alchemy of Breath. You do bring your own individual lived experiences and it is truly beautiful.” Alison and Tom

I am Sofia. I live in Liguria, Italy with my partner Ardhan and four-footed animals, on an isolated olive tree farm, growing perfumed roses, golden helichrysum, oregano and lavender, creating beautiful, natural produce from the land.

Officially I am a very quiet farmer here in Italy, but in my earlier life I used to be a conference manager traveling around the world, organising high tech groups for huge companies like British Airways which led me to burn-out. As a result of this, I embarked on extensive and long trainings in many healing and trauma modalities, too many to mention but specifically with Person-Centred, Grief and Addictions Counselling, 12 step program, Voice Dialogue, Non Violent Communication (NVC), Shamanic Ritual Family Constellation, Goddess archetypes, Alchemy and other breath-work, as well as currently a very deep scent priestess initiation process with Rosa Mystica.

Living near to St Baume in the South of France and surrounded by innumerable roses, as an ‘elder’, I am called to the Magdalena path, beginning to remember the whisperings of my past life as a Myrrophore scent priestess, devoted to the ‘Sisterhood of the Rose’ awakening, in a kind of love activism that is desperately needed and emerging strongly on the planet right now. Like most of us women I did not have authority or dominion over my own body and there is a reason that Magdalene consciousness is so strong at this time of awakening to the divine feminine and our inner hidden priestess.

I have been on a long journey to heal invisible, hidden, individual and intergenerational trauma with the ‘brutal grace’ of debilitating chronic illness as my initiation and greatest teacher, helping me to regulate my nervous system, reconnect somatically and come out of chronic self-abandonment, find innate worth and return to more self-love and self-care. The words ‘my body, my choice’ are a daily mantra I will not give up now.

I am an alchemic story teller, writing is the fuel for my life and helps me feels like I exist.  My empathic gifts include being able to track the collective which can be a gift and a curse, a strong bullshit detector after years of living with secrets and lies, together with powerful truth telling skills and the ability to root out shadow and radiate light wherever I can to help others heal physically, emotionally, spiritually.

I have a storehouse of knowledge and many tools from navigating early and ancestral trauma, as well as experiencing chronic fatigue and neurological Lyme, but it is the ‘dark nights of the soul’ and ‘spiritual emergency’, that initiated me as a wounded and mystic healer,  leading me to a path of spiritual embodiment and divine sovereignty.  Traveling on a hero or heroine’s journey into the underworld is not for the faint-hearted but there are many treasures to be found along the way such as humility, wisdom, resilience, self-compassion, fortitude, patience and awareness.

So……..I now call myself a ‘trauma-informed, shame midwife’, a death-dhoula and an ‘educated way-shower, as I know that all light-workers and empathic souls have a wounded healer pattern, which is about making the darkness conscious in order to be a vessel of Mother’s holy grace. Working with grief and dying is a huge part of this. I know in my own life, as an anaethetised, disembodied superwoman completely split from myself, that it has been deep shadow work, most particularly, the reclaiming of my golden shadow, that has helped me come into more radical embodiment and self-honouring. 

Opening my heart has been essential but liberation and mastery has come through the ongoing, physical experience of grounding into my sacrum, learning how to listen and literally ‘digest’ my gut wisdom, creating nourishment and visceral safety through my body’s felt sense. I do not find this easy as checking out is such a default mechanism I learned very early on but every day, I commit to staying close to my body and to my inner child, Hilary which is the name I was given by my parents. 

In this respect, I love Andrew Harvey’s description of moving through three distinct phases of en-lightenment, en-darkenment and en-realment which sums up my own journey of descending down into my body as a ‘living remembrance’, clearing unresolved trauma, finding my own truth and listening to the innate wisdom that lives inside my own sacred temple.

Relentless integration of shadow work and belief in my own happy ending has shown me, that we can shift from our judgements and projections, transforming our trauma into soul power, where radical self-trust and self-compassion become the gifts of darkness. I have undergone many initiations from the fruit of my commitment to self transformation and inner growth.

My passion is to help other sensitive souls, particularly women, realise their bandwidth is much broader than they realise and to recognise the over-giving to ‘others’, come back to do their own healing, in order to be of true service. As an Aries and with my history in a patriarchal lineage, I long to be a voice for the voiceless especially for the return of the divine feminine, resonating strongly with the underdog and the marginalised, those who do not feel worthy of taking their sacred space. Obviously the work begins at home and I’m still on this healing path but I truly believe that the holy suffering martyr and the self-sacrificing, co-dependent selves really have to be examined now, if we are to avoid the default of self abandonment and over extension and move into more coherence and alignment.

We live in a shame-based traumatised culture, addicted to violence and war, with a defensive attitude to healing it and my goal is to be a change-maker to help shift consciousness. We are all traumatised to one extent or another, but none of us are free from the disassociation that is a default way of being or rather of not being!

My passion is to help other sensitive souls, particularly women, realise their bandwidth is much broader than they realise and to recognise the over-giving to ‘others’, come back to do their own healing, in order to be of true service. As an Aries and with my history in a patriarchal lineage, I long to be a voice for the voiceless especially for the return of the divine feminine, resonating strongly with the underdog and the marginalised, those who do not feel worthy of taking their sacred space. Obviously the work begins at home and I’m still on this healing path but I truly believe that the holy suffering martyr and the self-sacrificing, co-dependent selves really have to be examined now, if we are to avoid the default of self abandonment and over extension and move into more coherence and alignment.

Trauma creates separation, we become split from our breath, our bodies, from nature, others and life itself. When we heal unresolved trauma blocked in our nervous system, we experience profound inner changes of self trust and self love, so that we no longer feel separate and alone, with the old story that is us against the world. It’s worth doing the work to heal the projections that belong to the past, so that we can then connect with others through the heart instead of competition, offering kindness instead of blame and showering grace wherever we go. We see we do not have to seek validation anymore, that old paradigm is done. We simply know that our love and our light is enough. 

My greatest gift, is to help people de-tox at a physical level but also emotionally, mentally and spiritually such that we wake up to this enslavement matrix we have all bought into. I was ‘eaten alive’ and programmed so deeply I lost connection with myself completely ending up with an illness aptly named M.E. There was no me, the alienation was complete so I had to strip away the layers of the onion, all the masks and adapted behaviours of toxic patriarchy, to reconnect with my body temple and true essence. I was paralysed at 39 years of age and I had to wake up to ‘stand my ground’, it’s not an easy process but we are the only ones that can truly do this holy work.

This ‘coming home’ is a journey of embodied love, where the rose truly can bloom in our own hearts just as Jesus taught in the bible. It is a journey from enslavement and brain-washing to sovereignty and there is nowhere to go but inside, to see where we are our own slave drivers keeping us in our own prisons and compliant victimhood. I’m not sorted and fixed, this is a patriarchal concept of perfection that is deeply flawed. I’m simply committed to doing the excavation hard work that is needed to clear outdated patterns and open to more love. I’ve seen that it is not fair to give up, to the one that survived within us, our inner child.

Most people do not dare to do the depths of shadow work that I believe is required at this time on earth to open our hearts, dare to feel and come out of the amnesia that our governments have our best interest. This is the new heaven on earth, the ascension that is possible, if we are willing to lay our burdens down and clean up our own backyards. We change the world by changing ourselves and sometimes nothing short of a revolution is needed. We need to see how we have been lied to and give up our cultural death and sin/shame phobias in a competence addicted world.

Whilst I know all too well, the temptation of distractions of all kinds including spiritual bypassing, we truly do need to be spiritual and physical athletes if we are to reconnect with our invincible Christ Light in human form. What is required is nothing less than a huge de-tox, an unlearning process of all the crap and psy-op propaganda we have taken in for so long. We do not belong to anyone else. We do not need external validation or proof of our worth. We do not need to go via a church for our spiritual nourishment and we need to know our no’s, in order to know our yes.

I didn’t listen and was forced to stop with burn-out, not just once but three times, so I know my own ‘inner spiritual pusher’ well and what it means to self abandon, hand over my power externally and run from myself. It takes time and commitment to return ‘home’ to ourselves, but I am finally saying a full yes to life, having moved from control and co-dependency to divine sovereignty.

I am radically committed to whole-heartedly face what needs to be seen, however difficult, bringing all exiled, disowned and lost parts back to love. This presencing, being with ‘what is’, honouring the death and re-birth process and returning to our ‘felt sense’ is the most intimate and rewarding work we can truly do for ourselves and the world, opening our hearts and healing the lineage, those before and after us. This is truly heroic and holy work.

Andrew also says that grace posits that the individual is unlimited if he or she comes from the heart’ and this has absolutely been my hard-won experience just as the famous song ‘Amazing Grace’ expresses so clearly. We do need to reclaim the ‘wretched’ ie exiled parts inside of us that we judge and label as not welcome and until we do, we will always moving into blaming ourselves or others and feeling separate from the wholeness that is our true nature. It is our job to listen EVEN if we don’t want to. This is the meaning of love. This is our sacred duty.

My mission and the legacy I would like to leave behind is to help people see how they can be gardeners of their own soul, how they can come into greater embodiment and how, using inner and outer resources, they can evolve beyond their story and reinvent themselves over and over. This awakening, is a journey of spiritual maturity and emotional alchemy where we are in effect, a mythical tour guide beginning with knowing our story, going through the inevitable drama and ending heroically with a revolution.

I didn’t have an enlightened witness and as such this is what I am passionate about doing for others. I am not the one that knows but I have walked this path so I know the challenges and pitfalls. I hold up a lantern,  to help jump-start other beating hearts, so that people become sober to their creative power, aware of the ways that they check out of their bodies and ultimately reconnecting with the intimate territory of their soul.  

Because of my own lived experience with soul and body alienation, I know this treacherous territory and the inner critic that can be brutal, since we all internalise our punishers as a way to survive. I thought that perfectionism would save me but in truth it nearly killed me. As such, I guide others with tenderness and compassion, to reclaim their vitality, aliveness and sovereignty, to move from sabotage to success by re-calibrating their mindset, listening to their hearts and by creating new neural pathways so that they can be the author of their own lives, from a multi-dimensional and cosmic perspective.

As one who has walked this path from ‘victim’ to ‘mystic victim’, I have witnessed many times, the alchemy that is possible when we dare to honour the truth and truly invest in ourselves, re-framing our negative perspective with all the doubts and self judgements, coming back to self-love. Seeing that we are divinely human, our body as a holy vessel not an object to be treated with disdain. Re-membering ourselves as spiritual beings having a physical experience, not the other way around.

Adversity forges us just as abrasion creates beautiful translucent pearls and whilst change is not easy, magic is possible when we step up and choose radical accountability. I help inspire others to be he highest version of themselves, reframing their perspective so they see, how their greatest wounds, these sacred obstacles, can and do become the golden treasure and the healing medicine they can offer, first to themselves and then to this broken world.

If you feel inspired reading this, you can enquire further via the contact form

My personal blog with lots of my writing and poems www.sofialivingstone.weebly.com/

N.B. Currently, during the height of the summer, I have limited availability for INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS. Use the contact form to enquire.

Ardhan Swatridge

Individual Sessions – Support for your journey of healing

My personal website, with more about my therapeutic work, my philosophy of life and my creative writing: innerventures.me

This is the direct link to my Breathwork page on my personal website.

Background: Born on a farm, schooled by nature and the harsh climate of English boarding schools, I am a talented but sensitive man who has spent my life healing and integrating those early experiences, bruised by patriarchy on the one hand and inspired by the freedoms of hippy youth culture on the other.

My rich life experiences include graphic design, craftsman & carver in wood, business partner, repairer, restorer renovator, builder of sheds. I am a qualified counsellor, an eco-Buddhist mystic, grower of food and healthy living, writer, photographer and student of drystone wall building on our sacred mountainside here in Liguria.

My trainings include:

Psychosynthesis Counselling (1993), Voice Dialogue Counselling (2012). I recently qualified to be a Breathwork facilitator, currently running regular breathwork sessions for members of ‘The Male Journey’.

I am active in men’s groups online. I bring gentle presence and empathy to all the therapeutic work I undertake as a psychospiritual mentor and guide, in service to a better world.

Use the contact form on this site (or via my personal website) to enquire about working with me.

I am currently building another website featuring my photographic work, original artwork, and some examples of my creative woodwork/woodcarving www.swatridge.net

Volunteering – Stay with us

At certain times of the year, we need help to get all the practical work done. Examples are:

  • cleaning the land by hand or with our motor strimmer
  • mending walls, painting and restoring the land, feeding plants
  • work in the garden and vegetable garden (orto). Mostly weeding
  • harvesting the roses and other plants

See below for more information and also find us on the WorkAway website for more specific details on what we offer.

The work

We need help with maintaining the property/land with work like repainting structures, cleaning and tidying. We also welcome volunteers who can cook, to give us a break in the kitchen from time to time.

We grow vegetables in 4 different areas. During the warmer months, there is a need for weeding on a regular basis. Ivy grows everywhere on the land and has to be regularly cut back.

The Rose harvest. The main season for cutting the blooms and making rose products is May and June, although two varieties continue to produce flowers right through to October. We can usually manage on our own during these later months so the busiest period is about six weeks.

The Helichrysum, Oregano and Lavender harvest. This overlaps with the rose cutting in June and so help is very welcome at this time.

Whoever comes to volunteer, will experience more than just the physical aspect of working and seeing the local surroundings. They will come away with many personal gifts and inner growth. And…..we offer the idea that Stephen Jenkinson famous for his film ‘Grief Walker’ discusses, which is the importance of obliging people to work with the ‘apprenticeship principle’ where we are called to see the ‘lived relationship’ that happens with the land, and renegotiate WHO is really in charge.

We would like volunteers who have a shared vision to us; are interested in their own personal and spiritual growth (which includes shadow work), as well as a love of nature and animals, sensitivity to the sacred spaces we are creating here, to what’s happening in the world and their connection to it. It’s fun and more empowering for everyone, to share this awakening together as divine humans, honouring our sacred nature but also being humble about our human flaws and vulnerability. More specifically, we invite souls who are willing and ready to be honest, transparent and open not just with themselves but with others, so we can enjoy the resonance and beauty of opening our hearts together in co-creation.

Volunteer Feedback:

Words are not enough to describe how amazing this experience was. Although this was not the happiest and easiest of periods, Sofia and Ardhan made me feel at home and even more… what I have learned goes far beyond land work, roses and flowers picking, which was amazing… In less than two months I’ve changed so much, and I’m way closer to the person my soul wants me to become. And happier! Elisa

This stay with Sofia & Ardhan has been quite special and important for me but not so as much for the “practical” aspects and tasks done there but rather the human experience lived. Staying simple. Warm welcome were waiting for us up there, among those majestic hills, from those two beautiful people who share as they walk their path, in authenticity. ………..A step backward, the place is truly amazing, we felt safe, in consonance with nature and so grateful to be there during the confinement. Definitely a healing spot for the seeker and to root yourself. Jim and Anna

An absolutely 5:asterisk_symbol:-host! We spent a wonderful month with that wonderful people at a wonderful place with a wonderful view. 🙂 Great food, deep nice talks after lunch, spiritual (Sofia should be a teacher) times and meditation……….Ardhan and Sofia are great persons, always thankful and caring about us so well. We have been living in yurt – a very nice flair! The dogs are sweet like Sofia and Ardhan, an unforgettable time. We hope to see you again, happy between roses! Steffi

A beautiful place where calm, silence and serenity reigned full contact with nature…….The reception by Sophia was perfect, she immediately made us feel part of a project that went beyond just olive growing, involving me and my daughter in a series of diversified jobs……As a first experience of workaway we are more than satisfied, thank you very much Sophia and Ardhan for the possibility they gave us and the kindness with which they treated us (especially my daughter). Mauro and Amanda (12 year daughter)

Well, Sophia and Ardhan were such a family to me for more than a month.

It was amazing how much they could teach me about, I really changed on my time there.

I spent most of my time helping Ardhan in the tasks on the land, nothing heavy in fact, just regular farm tasks and learning about plants, culture and some spiritual guidance. Their plans for this place are amazing, I really hope you guys achieve everything you want…..

The land itself is beautiful and the surroundings are magic, Dolceacqua is really close with that amazing castle and some nice pubs, anyway, I have only good memories there. Henrique

Open Days and Events

We expect to be opening to visitor days for groups in 2022. Events will include tours of the land and the rose field to see how our products are grown and created. Early picking of roses in the morning, distillation demonstrations, drying of the petals, packing, bottling and presentation of the finished products, which will be available to buy and take away. Hopefully, by the end of the summer in 2022 we can also offer and sell propagated roses from some of our perfumed rose varieties that bloom throughout the season, such as the damascena (quatre saisons) and rosa rugosa that are especially for culinary use and delicious drink options. 

As the webpage header shows, Satya-Vita is based in a most tranquil, peaceful and beautiful location, with fabulous views and wonderful walks around or down into the woods.

We have been restoring and creating new sacred spaces over many years and adding to the relaxing and healing energy that is offered by unspoilt nature here. Away from public roads and built-up areas, we are surrounded by wildlife, the air is pure and the earth is free of chemicals and pollutants. We know this to be true as we are blessed that in May, the fireflies come with their lights to create more magic. More recently the lavender is attracting so many wonderful bees which are an absolute delight and next year in 2022 we plan to have two beehives up at the top of our land.

Sunset at the end of a winter’s day
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