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The Way of the Rose is also referred to as the Way of the Heart or The Beauty Way. It speaks of the force and alchemy of love, how the rose blooms in your very own heart when you awaken to this ancient path of remembrance, consciously healing and transforming everything that lies in the way of love. The rose, also known as the Queen of flowers, is very closely associated with the glory of Mother Mary as in the first centuries of christianity, there have been many apparitions of roses associated with Her. The Ancient Mystery Teachings of Isis, the Sisterhood of the Rose, these are all the path of the Divine Feminine concerned with activating innate, divine gifts lying dormant for centuries and helping us return to authenticity and the fullest expression of our divine human sovereignty.

Below I have included various texts from two very special trainings that I have had the privilege to be part of and recommend to anyone who feels resonant with the Rosa Mystica and Sophia Code teachings, especially at this challenging time on the planet, where we are called as light-workers to remember our sacred connection and align with our purpose.

“The Way of the Rose initiates us to remember that we came here with a sacred purpose. The remembrance and activation of this sacred purpose is rooted in love………..This Mystic Rose is here, now, to flower into humanity. It holds the keys to a deep mystery school teaching that also has great significance for how we will live our lives connected to the collective rising and remembrance of the Way of Love (or the Way of the Rose).” (Excerpt from Sovereign Queen, Rosa Mystica Training).

“Rosa Mystica is The Way of Love. It is an embodiment based upon the alchemical teachings of Magdalene and Yeshua ; together, they seeded a sacred technology that, when embodied, blossoms as a fragrant mystical rose within us …a fragrance, a presence that cannot help but exude beauty. (Ardhan finally completed this beautiful sacred marriage gift for me this Xmas with the letters J and M carved in a fleur de lys cross of our olive wood.)

Fleur-de-lys cross carved by Ardhan in olive wood

Each of us hold the seeds of the mystic rose. They lie dormant until the moment we choose to awaken, nurture, and grow our capacity to embody love. As the seeds bloom into a rose, each petal within us unfurls, calling us to face the ways we have withheld from fully loving and nourishing ourselves and expressing our true, erotic life force— a life force that wants to be expressed as love.

The Rosa Mystica Path brings us closer to the essence of who we truly are, thus infusing and pollinating this vibrancy within our relationships and in the collective.

When we walk this path, we return home to the safety of the Temple of Ecstasy that lives within our bodies, igniting the Shakti, ecstatic nature of our true power that when embodied, is expressed through our radiance, raw beauty, sensuality, poetry, dance, and artistry. This is also reclaimed through the sacred art of anointing.” (Excerpt from The Rosa Mystica Training, ‘The Inner Magdalene’.)

Mother Mary speaks – from p.168 Sophia Code.

“The teachings of the rose offer an inclusive pathway of reconciliation and self-honour,  for all aspects that perfectly contribute to your embodiment of Sophia Christ consciousness. The soft beauty of a rose is incomplete,  without the silent ferocity of its thorns and every teaching arising from the rose is a reflection of this seeming paradox.  As such the teachings of The Rose drip with pearls of wisdom,  alchemised from the positive, creative tension,  that exist between two seemingly opposing polarities,  which generate a transcendent third energy of wholeness.   

As such,  the rose provides a pathway of reconciliation that frees you from choosing between dualistic polarities and shifts your focus to meditate upon the wholeness that is being created by two seemingly opposing forces. For example, you do not have to banish the thorns of your humanity to behold your divinity.  Your human awareness and the ego structure that come with your physical body, provide a necessary creative tension for seeking out your divinity and consciously embodying that divinity.  Unconditional love and acceptance for the totality of you, especially your humanity, IS the reconciliation that allows for your awareness and ego to fully integrate into the omniscient light and sovereign divinity of your higher self.   

Your own unconditional love for the seemingly opposite polarities of your humanity and divinity is what spirals open The Rose, unifying your whole self to walk in peace with who you really are, along the transcendent pathway of Sophia Christ Consciousness. Your body is the vehicle with both its beauty and thorns and your Higher Self is the inner guide to embody the bliss of your divinity on earth. Self-love continually blooms within the rose of your heart, with the honouring of all these essential parts of your whole self,  working together as one.

It is my honour to guide your pilgrimage along every petal of this spiralling pathway to open your heart and receive the power of unconditional love yourself arising from The Rose within you. As a Divine Feminine mentor, my gentle presence supports you through the grace of bliss, initiating your ‘eyes to see and ears to hear’ how worthy you are of divine love through The Teachings of the Rose”. 

I am…“THE WAY OF THE ROSE” – Gaia Speaks by Sofia Livingstone

Damascena roses on the higher terraces.

I am from the seductive, isolated hills in Liguria with silver-green and swaying olives, explosive yellow ginestra, intoxicating verbena and perfumed damascena roses that adorn my higher terraces. I am from these divinely scented roses with their tender, soft petals and silently, ferocious thorns and I am the One that transcends these seemingly opposite polarities, the intoxicating fragrance that cannot be described with words.

I am a seed in Mother’s garden, the scented roses are my teachers, helping me to stand in a living remembrance, committed to a vow I made to walk the Way of Embodied Love, however challenging this path may be.

I am a gardener of the soul, in daily communion with the rose of my own heart. I am here to disseminate the teachings of the Rose as I myself am initiated daily, liberated from my addiction to suffering, choosing instead to honour divine sovereignty and like the roses, to dare to be unashamedly radiant and unapologetically blooming with my own perfect timing.

I am from Venus, ravished and satiated by beauty, recognising this ancient mystery school, the Way of the Rose, that opens the heart like nothing else and shows me that I am a divine being having a human experience, not the other way around.

I am HER in this painful, human body, miraculously soothed by gorgeous aesthetics, creating beauty because it settles my overactive nervous system, opens channels to wonder and helps me feel whole, creative and connected to All That Is.

I am from the ancient priestesses devotedly administering exquisite perfumes, the smoke of incense and the light of candles, the sound of distant bells with ceremonial prayers and chants, working on the garden of my inner soul, helping me adorn my earth angel wings, remembering what I have always known.

I am from the mystics, bathing in rose petals, falling to my feet, ravished by the Sufi poets, who yearn like me for just one touch of the Beloved.

I am from the earth and rocks, my hands sinewed like the roots of the olives, gnarly and old, scratched to smithereens but stronger and more resilient than ever.

I am from the simple farmers as guardians of the land, who work from dawn to dusk, remembering the sacred nature of our soil and the plentiful, wholesome produce, that responds just like my four-footed companions, to the love and respect it is offered. Simple pleasures they may be but in my personal and cultural madness, devoid of self-compassion, I had forgotten my roots, lost touch with my own cycles and rhythms and more importantly, how my very own terrain is intimately connected to the web of life.

I am from the hidden, dilapidated rustico, that is a dark, yet fecund space of pure potential, asking to be restored, longing to be recognised for the divine womb space that in its moist darkness, is a blessing to all pilgrims who have ears to hear and eyes to see.

I am from a prayer uttered from the depths of my being, that called me to this land ten years ago, a soul whispering I chose to listen to.

I am from the Maritime Alps here in Italy, which is my soul home, where I know every rock and tree that exists, every stone that has been built by strong male hands to create structure and safety in this womb haven. This land, this sacred task that has demanded blood, sweat and tears, every ounce of my creative initiative and finance, while I screamed at the unfairness of what was being asked of me, that has miraculously brought me back to my body and to my sanity.

I am the land that I naively came to conquer in my own version of toxic patriarchy, now reshaped and modelled after three landslides and flooding, stamping HER feet, teaching me about humility, devotion and the presence of being here and now. Ruthlessly beautiful, refusing to be dominated, forcing me to surrender and come home into right relationship with this beautiful land and my own body terrain.

I am from Mother Gaia, reminding me with her green outpourings in the smell of the damp moss, the succulent taste of the prickly pears and figs, one sniff of a rose, the lovemaking of the bees, to be here right now, in reverence, gratitude and remembrance for HER holy and abundant grace, that emanates from within me and that SHE has always poured on me and on the world.

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