Commissioned heart by a dear friend

She flies free now releasing all pain and suffering

Courage to endure beyond safe holding

Only I know what she gave, how bravely she fought

Only I am blessed by her very existence, her pure heart

For I would not be without her, without her constancy

Without her knowing, her tenderness, her belief in the way

I am her brave heart, the soldered battered heart

That she always believed in, always stayed true

She may seem to have failed but don’t believe a word of it

The sacred heart battle is forged in the darkness

Out of the limelight, quietly working

With only a flickering candle to light the way

Never underestimate the heart’s way, the power of love

The sensitive unfolding that drips slowly onto hardened stone

And eventually cracks open the compassion 

That has been waiting patiently in the dark corner

Waiting to blind you with its illumination 

That by its very presence shatters the illusion

And forges a new path, grace that unfolds