Photo cred unknown – Black Madonna Polish

We are children of God, vessels into which we awaken

This gift of life that is not easily forsaken

As pitiful humans we might want to run and hide

From the divinity and temple that is ours inside

What makes us think that we can do better?

Insanely identified with our narcissistic go-getter

As we strive and push in controlling ways

Our egos blindly caught in an illusory haze

It is in the dark womb that we can bear the pain

In Kali’s wisdom that we are reborn again and again

Hold me close in my shattering,  bathe my wounds with Your love

Remind me always of the true path and peace of the dove

Strip me bare and take away my clothes

Force me to surrender from all that is grandiose

Help me to bear the purity of Thy face

And to know in return the glory and the grace

In black and white mode,  we label everything good or bad

Have such aversion to anything shameful, angry or sad

Adversity melts us in the fire,  brings us to our knees

Reducing us to children reciting primary abc’s

But in this surrender as we kiss Your blessed feet

There is wonder and creation,  sifting the chaff from the wheat

We can begin to open the magic of pandora’s box

And speak of the mystery,  to dance and de-tox

In my brokenness,  I cannot manage this journey alone

I beg for forgiveness and mercy to bring me fully ‘home’

Can I believe the inherent goodness that upholds all life?

Dare to trust in the Dark Mother stripping me naked with a knife?

When will I feel safe in my skin,  give up the exhaustive fight?

Honour my body’s desperate cries as SHE holds me tight?

When will I trust in the love that is far beyond redemption

And devotedly enter my Temple with wholly/holy intention?

When ………..when………..if not now??