Madonna by the house adorned with perfumed roses

This is a poem I wrote some years ago to the Goddess of Wisdom Sophia, after deciding to change my name from Hilary to Sofia and knowing I was moving to Italy which is how it is spelt here, with an f, not ph. I was also acutely aware that for me the letter f spelt freedom and ‘fuck off’ where ph signified phallic and phoney.

This most likely speaks for itself, tells a bigger story and one that is intimately connected to boundaries and body sovereignty. Sophia or Sofia however it is spelled, includes the Dark or Black Goddess, suppressed and vilified but where the boundaries and fierce feminine is reflected in the ancient wisdom of the rose teachings with the tender petals and ferocious, silent thorns that protect this divine fragrancce.  

The poem is one II wrote some years ago, about the Divine Feminine in all of us, the Gnostic Sophia,   who represents the feminine aspects in all matter, all things.  

“I’m Sofia the wise one with deep inner knowing
I’m the Goddess Eternal that’s never stopped glowing
Serenity pervades as I’m divinely guided
I surrender to life, trusting all is provided

My heart is my teacher, its wounds my salvation
The initiation complete with scars of penetration
I am your light, your beauty, the energy of BEING
A still strong presence from the one that’s ALL SEEING”