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I am all too familiar with shame, the construct that has been put here on the planet to enslave and keep us away from our true nature, particularly those of us born female. I have lived with crippling and toxic shame all my life only to realise more clearly now, how this programming and brainwashing has been part of a long term global, trauma based and mind control, Luciferian agenda, that is now more clearly being exposed.

So…. instead of focussing on the shame of what is wrong with me, where I have failed, what aspects of co-dependency I am still stuck with,  I am choosing to focus on where I HONOUR myself for what I have achieved and navigated, in spite of toxic patriarchy.  This is not a bypass but rather, a conscious decision to pendulate and titrate how easily I can default to shame and choosing to focus more on self honour and self celebration.

So here are a few statements where instead, I honour and stand as author of my unique heroine’s journey, proud to share how I have transformed and used my personal challenges and trauma as a portal to awakening and healing:

“I honour myself for choosing to incarnate into an extremely dysfunctional, ‘nice’, English family in order to experience being brainwashed, taken over and annihilated, (much like Alice Miller talks with ‘The Drama of a Gifted Child’), such that with this soul injury and programming, I split off all awareness of who I was and became an anaethethised, disembodied superwoman”….and…….

“I honour the journey of reclaiming and remembering myself from underneath these deep layers and layers of conditioning, abuse, deception and mind programming, in order to finally reclaim lost, exiled and fragmented parts of myself, split off as a result of pre-verbal and complex trauma,  both personally and inter-generationally”

“I honour the endurance, the fortitude, the bravery, the commitment and the immense strength, to keep going against all odds with a cruel and debilitating illness and complex PTSD, in order to forge a path back to my heart and back to the divine sovereign being that I am……and  to reconnect with my Higher Power, to my body and to little Hilary in order to shine my light as an emissary and soul guide, to help others remember the incredible light of who they really are”

“I honour my willingness, responsibility and accountability of facing full on the dis-regulation and blind spots that exist in my own system and globally, in order that I can know this separation from love that happens as a result of trauma….. and bring as much unconditional love and acceptance, in order to combat my own shadow and ‘lockdown’ places and to fully face the depths of evil and covert genocide on the planet at this time, that seeks to have us forget who we really are, to blind us to our beauty and to our spiritual true nature”

“I honour the incredible light of my divine sovereignty, the revolution inside every cell of my body, this divine genome and the sacred codes of love,  that like a seed that was buried, is stronger than ever from being forged in the dark.”