Spiralled rose in our own hearts

Dear Brave Heart

You have never failed me.  Regardless of what is happening, you have remained faithful at my side.  I can always trust you.  As now, listening to the heart beat that demands courageous action, a call to re-unite and stay true to the heart’s calling.  I cannot thank you enough.  Without you I would have stumbled so many times.  But you have always beckoned me forwards.  

Even when the darkness was so obscure.  Even when the wraths of hell forbade me entry.  Even when all else seemed impossible, still you called me on, reminded me of my warrior way.  Showed me the light and portal home.  Thank you dear one.  I need your bright light now as I enter the valleys of darkness and trust to the faint light that has always guided me.  You have always trusted to the blazing torch that shines brightly and calls us all home to the One Heart From all quarters of the globe we are remembering.