Stranded in limbo

Between the worlds

We exist again

Night after night

Returning to You

Intermingling as One

Surrendered in presence

Floating cosmic womb

This precarious safety

Which on waking

Abruptly is gone

My precious secret

Alone in this

Raw empty shell

Every morning this

Aching heavy heart

Sorrow that burns

Penetrates my lungs

Gasping for air

Will you leave

Again and again?

I can’t bear

This endless loss

That wreaks havoc

Quietly smouldering while

Blood drains away

Why did you

Show me naked

What love is?

Only to tear

Me to pieces

Left all alone

Only with memories

Of your touch

Blissful umbilical union

Never to return

Sweet unblemished love

In the night

Living as two

Merged as One

Entwined in embrace

Delicious safe surrender

Mine to hold

In the day

Dead as One

Grasping for You

Feeling so lost

Bereft and confused

Split in half

Violent crude separation