I feel frozen and burning from deep inside

Emotionally blocked yet for years I’ve cried

I’ve given up hope but am still fighting for my life

I need you so badly but truly…., is it worth the strife?

Longing for my twin flame,  yet aching to be alone

Inspired by travel, yet so relieved to be home

Adoring deep relatedness but delighted when you leave

Blissful mystical union – do I even believe?

Courage to give up hope, yet in truth I don’t dare

Surrender to the dark womb,  whilst searching elsewhere

Cherishing what is important whilst forgetting to notice

Staying fully on target but always losing focus

I’ve stories to tell yet permission isn’t granted

Purpose is unknown though the seeds are planted

Doubts and regrets whilst feeling at peace with it all

Trusting I can fly yet preparing for the fall?

Desperate for results but not giving a damn

Feeling a total failure whilst being my own greatest fan

Reaching for the stars – remaining here on earth

Humble in my brokenness whilst recognising my worth

Intensely embodying the Truth whilst letting you go

Intimately knowing You but with nothing to show

Embracing my Beloved yet standing on my own

A fragile tender infant – mature and fully grown