R.O.S.E – Restore Our Sacred Essence :

Sofia & Ardhan, our journey

The Way of The Rose is the beauty way and our fragrant mission…

The strength of the rose is about unblocking the soul’s perfume and fragrance, moving from disembodiment, shame and self-alienation to reconnection, reverence and rebirth.

In our maturity, finally taking up the mantle as ‘elders’, Ardhan and I have found a way to manifest on this sacred land, what we have been searching for within ourselves, and the two have come together beautifully and synergistically within our project, over this last year.

I chose the name for my business Satya-Vita, which means truth-life, Satya coming from the ancient Sanskrit language and also being the name of a Pleiadian goddess.

In the distilling of the plants, which is an alchemic process, we are extracting and preserving the soul of the plant material, in concentrated liquid form.  The culmination of our own life journeys has a parallel, as it is about searching for this inner essence within ourselves, where we are in effect gardeners of our own soul and at the same time guardians of the soil, on this Italian land. 

Love is a key ingredient in this process. Giving and receiving love with the plants and trees. Giving and receiving love in relationship.  Clearing away everything that gets in the way, alchemising the shadow, whether trauma or brambles and it involves a lot of hard work, showing up consistently and going the final distance, watering the land but remembering also to water ourselves and our relationships.

Our long term vision is that our little piece of heaven here on the mountain, become one of many NETWORKS of GRACE, where we connect in a grid of light-workers doing the same, all working to bring about Heaven on Earth. Andrew Harvey gave us the inspiration some years ago on a sacred shadow training and finally the global plandemic is forcing a worldwide shift back to nature and intentional, small communities who are consciously stepping out of the matrix and choosing instead divine sovereignty.

Project vision and its unfolding

I, Sofia came to Liguria after a painful divorce, in search of a new life including a vision for creating a healing centre. In the end I had to become a farmer in order to legitimately start a business here and this is how the story of the perfumed roses began. I am the founder of Satya-Vita with Azienda Agricola status but this would not have been possible without Ardhan who came as a visitor a couple of years later and fell in love with this magical land. He has two other websites which have links below and apart from an old blog site, this is now my main website and hence why there is more information on me here.

I am the strategist and organiser because of my history as a conference director but from the beginning I have had my hands in the earth daily for hours on end, relentlessly! I know that my healing lies in learning from Mother Gaia, in resting and rooting myself to the earth, connecting to my own body terrain, returning to this wholeness. There is nothing that Ardhan cannot do at a practical level whether this be strimming the terraces, repairing, maintaining structures, fixing irrigation, teaching me organic gardening and much else. When he arrived I was struggling with the Italian bureaucratic system to complete a house renovation on my own and his woodworking and design skills were invaluable to getting through this rather torturous process.

We met on our individual journeys of healing while training in Voice Dialogue when I would fly regularly to the UK. Ardhan came on holiday and the rest is history now eight years later. Our life is really summed up in the words of Jack Kornfield ‘after the ecstasy, the laundry’ because the discipline of caring for so much land in an Italian world, is a full-time experience and we know that our spiritual practice is about bringing reverence and wonder to all the everyday tasks and challenges.

Beyond the practical, where we truly meet is as sensitive souls transforming our personal trauma into soul power through deep shadow work and within the alchemic crucible of our sacred relationship. We dovetail well with all that needs to be done and whilst always being together, can at times be challenging living on the job, mostly we work through the shadow issues and triggers to come into co-creation. Ardhan summed up the other day that he has less willpower but more trust than me and I have lots of willpower but much less trust, so we work well together when we fall into our default patterns!

We love to travel to India, Bali and Marrakesh but when this isn’t possible as now, our piece of heaven is here on the mountain. We are both mystics with a Sufi heart and a love of our native language. As creative wordsmiths, we love to write poetry and alchemic stories wherever we possibly can.

SACRED MARRIAGE of masculine and feminine

Golden helichrysum and Pink roses

Whilst our life paths have taken us to different destinations in the past,  where we come together as a partnership is one of complementary skills, with Ardhan as the mystic and pragmatist and me as the mystic, visionary and strategist.   With our joint love of nature helping us keep our feet on the ground and our hands in the soil, as well as our love and passion for beauty, we have created many sacred spaces on the land and now with beautiful high-frequency products – the fruits of our hard work and nature’s bounty – we hope to share all of this with those who resonate with a similar ‘calling’.  

After our years of experience working with Voice Dialogue, Breathwork and self-exploration, we find ourselves fully committed to the journey from co-dependency to divine sovereignty, which honours the sacred union of the masculine and feminine. Working and living together at a deeply spiritual level has been an intense crucible that is now bearing fruit.  We are of course works in progress but at the same time, this last year has served as a pressure to step up and show our cards as truthers who stand for our sacred right to body autonomy and freedom, because ‘if not now, then when?’

As such, we both recognise that our own healing journey has brought us to the point where we see that it’s our sacred mission to impart the years of wisdom and experience we now have to offer. We are passionate about de-toxing in every sense of the word including dietary health, physical, mental and emotional well-being, shadow work, mysticism, metaphysics, the shamanic viewpoint of everything being part of the web of life and the role of the sacred feminine in evolutionary consciousness. We never envisaged how poignant the name Satya-Vita (Truth-Life) would be, given the global matrix that we have all been enslaved into and our own stance as ‘truthers’ where we are committed to divine sovereignty and unmasking at all levels.

For more information about our services, our project and what we offer, go toWork-with-Us’.

Sacred masculine helicrysum floral water with Sacred feminine rose floral water and in this Sacred Union (Hieros Gamos) is birthed our divine child in the heart
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